November 2017

PRESS RELEASE: New On-demand Lawyer To Lawyer Network Connects Lawyers Together For Project Based Work To Solve Traditional Practice Challenges


(CHICAGO, IL) Lawyer Exchange, an on-demand online platform that connects lawyers and law firms looking for reliable support and new lawyers looking for project work, experience and mentorship, recently rolled out their system for an initial launch in October, 2017. (lawyerexchange.com)

Aimed at helping both established and new lawyers, Lawyer Exchange has two user types: “Hiring Lawyers” and “Project Lawyers”. Hiring Lawyers post projects and receive proposals from qualified Project Lawyers to complete the work. The fully automated platform takes care of the service sign up, bar verification, profile creation, project briefs, proposals, candidate vetting, pay rate negotiations, on-going communication, and final payment once a project is completed There is no cost to signing up and no cost to the hiring lawyer for searching for a suitable associate. At the point in time that the hiring lawyer pays the project lawyers a small percentage that is added to final invoice.

Hiring Lawyers get a low-cost, low-risk option to get specific tasks completed quickly, while also working with lawyers who could potentially become long-term associates, partners, successors, or acquirers for their practice. Project Lawyers get to set their own pay rate, acquire the specific experience they need to build a resume and get to work with established employers to gain legal experience and build a network within the legal community.

“As the legal profession and its market continues to tighten these two groups, lawyers looking for work opportunities and small and solo firms looking for growth and exit opportunities need a better way to find each other.  It’s a win/win situation and a complete game-changer for the legal world” says Founder/CEO Bob Meltzer, “We’re introducing the gig economy to law.” Prior to starting Lawyer Exchange, Bob Meltzer founded and operated VISANOW.com (now operating as Envoy Global), a breakthrough, technology-enabled global mobility service for the immigration and visa application process. In addition to being an entrepreneur and business leader, Bob Meltzer is also a seasoned lawyer who has developed law firms, law firm departments, and law practices in the areas of corporate, international, and immigration law.

Headquartered in Chicago IL, Lawyer Exchange is also building a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area after hiring Andrew Nern as the Director of Marketing. Formerly the V.P. of Marketing for US Merchant Systems and Convenient Payments, Andrew Nern will be running all marketing efforts from the San Francisco Bay Area.

To learn more, please visit lawyerexchange.com or send questions to info@lawyerexchange.com

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For more information, please contact:

Andrew Nern- Director of Marketing, Lawyer Exchange


(510) 871-3651

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