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What is EsquireX?
EsquireX is the fastest growing legal freelancer marketplace in the United States. It was built by legal professionals who recognized there was a gap in the legal field. In order to adapt and react quickly, there needed to be a more streamlined way to source legal work on a project by project basis. EsquireX does just that. Whether you're looking to diversify, take on more cases, or need additional support, EsquireX gives you the tools to do so. EsquireX connects you with our vast array of legal professionals for an on-demand experience that puts you in the driver's seat. A user will post their legal job needs and legal professionals from around US will apply with their own unique set of skills that match your job perfectly. EsquireX goes to great strides to ensure all your data and information is safe and secure by using the most up-to-date encryption and security measures around. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we take your privacy seriously, and provide non-disclosure agreements for every project. EsquireX wants you to succeed. We provide a dedicated support staff that can help you along any stage of your project. Start enjoying the flexibility and efficiency of the freelancer marketplace today!
How do I search for Jobs/Freelancers?
At EsquireX, you can toggle between Hiring Attorney and Freelancer views. The Hiring Attorney view will allow you to view the jobs you posted and search our database for Freelancers. The Freelancer view will allow you to see your applications and search for jobs.
What is the "My Jobs' section?
My Jobs houses all your information pertaining to jobs. You can toggle between current jobs, new applications/invitations, saved jobs/freelancers. Buy clicking on the individual jobs you're able to view all the details of the jobs you have.
How does the 'Reports' section work?
Reports is all about your money. You can view total expected, total payouts, and total income. It is also where you can download your invoices. Income is the revenue you get paid as a Freelancer for completing a job. Payouts is the revenue you've paid out to a Freelancer for completing your job.
How do payments work?
EsquireX requires Hiring Attorneys to pay for the job once it's posted. That way, Freelancer's will know the funds are there and will be available to them once the job is complete. EsquireX will hold the funds in a sort of 'escrow' until the job is completed. We will hold the funds for 48 hours after the job is complete, and if everything looks good, we'll release them to the freelancer.
Why do I need to connect my payments?
EsquireX is built on trust. One of the ways our users know that they can trust us is by verifying an active payment is linked to your account. At the moment, the only option EsquireX uses is Stripe.
How Secure is Stripe?
Security is a huge concern for any business that accepts credit cards, especially online. Stripe has multiple security protocols in place to keep your customers' payment data secure. First, it encrypts card data and processes transactions on its own network. This means no sensitive data touches your servers, so hackers won't have access to your business's data or customers' credit card information if you're ever the victim of a cyberattack, as Stripe's rep told us. Stripe automatically implements several layers of protection designed for web-based financial transactions. For instance, Stripe's client libraries and mobile API meet industry standards such as PCI DSS requirements, so you're always compliant. Stripe is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry. You will still need to do your part to be PCI compliant by following the data security standards and completing the annual self-assessment. Stripe includes its fraud-prevention tool, Radar, with every account. Radar uses machine learning to identify and block fraudulent transactions. It assigns risk scores to each payment and automatically blocks those it considers high-risk. Two-factor authentication is available to further protect your account from unauthorized access.