The EsquireX Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (“Code”) sets forth conduct requirements established by EsquireX, LLC. (“EsquireX”) that govern both use of its website, (“EsqX”), and all persons who use EsqX (“Member” or “Members”). The purpose of the Code is to foster an interactive community of lawyers with successful outcomes. The Code refers to Members’ conduct both towards other Members, as they collaborate with one another, and towards the clients that are represented. In upholding the principles of the Code, Members need to consider the ways that they provide legal services, the ways that their fellow Members provide legal services, and how Members can best work together. The Code also applies to online discussion spaces, forum pages and social media profiles officially maintained and operated by EsqX on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (collectively referred to as the “Sites”).

The following guiding principles should always govern Members’ interactions with other Members and clients, as they engage within the EsquireX:

The principles listed above may change from time to time. Thus, the EsquireX recommends and encourages that Members periodically review the Code in order to foster successful outcomes and positive experiences for all Members.

Lawyers, in providing legal advice and representation, have long held the role of trusted advisers. Thus, there are fiduciary duties arising from this role and obligations owed to others, especially the courts. No code can foresee or address every issue or ethical dilemma which may arise. Accordingly, Members must uphold the provisions of the various ethics codes which they are bound to, including this Code.

Important Reminder About Conflicts of Interest

All lawyers are bound to the rules of professional conduct in their states. Issues involving or related to conflicts of interest may arise while hiring a lawyer on either a permanent or temporary basis. When using EsqX to hire one or more lawyers and/or while working with one or more lawyers via EsqX, you, as a Member, acknowledge and agree that IT IS YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY to ensure your compliance, at all times, with the conflict of interest rules in the state(s) in which you are licensed. As a Member, you agree to do everything reasonably necessary and prudent to ensure your compliance with the conflict of interest rules in the state(s) in which you are licensed.