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EsquireX brings the gig economy to the practice of law by connecting law firms with a nationwide network of 4,000+ high-quality lawyers looking to work on short-term legal projects.

Join for free, post a project, and pay no fees to your Freelance Lawyer until the work is complete.


Creating Work Opportunities for Law Firms

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Helping law practices succeed

Running a successful law practice can be challenging. Hiring additional help or using legal recruiters can be time consuming, costly, and risky. By posting legal projects instead of hiring temp staffing or full-time help, you can avoid hiring risks and free up time for you to focus on what’s important to you and your law practice. Watch video here.

Project Work: The proven way to rapidly bring on more clients

Law practices now have the ability to find help from other lawyers without the risks associated with finding full-time associates, utilizing legal temp work groups, or hiring traditional legal recruiters. Attorneys and their law practices can quickly and easily find the specific help they need without any additional overhead or search time by getting support on a project basis with online on-demand lawyers. You’ll enable your law practice to take on more work, more profit, and less stress than ever before.
Use the hours you free up to get more clients, take time off, or take care of other critical items for your practice.

Drafting Pleadings in Commercial Litigation

Personal Property Preliminary Injunction Opposition

Billed hours: 16 hours

Total Cost: $960

Document Review in Labor Law
Review Potentially Discoverable Documents

Billed hours: 11.75 hours

Total Cost: $763.75

Drafting Contacts in Securities/Capital Markets Law
Regulation A Offering Circular

Billed hours: 24.25 hours

Total Cost: $2,910

Legal Research in Commercial Litigation
Economic Duress Research Under Bermuda Law

Billed hours: FLAT RATE

Total Cost: $264

Drafting Contracts in Real Estate Law
Roofing Contract Review

Billed hours: 3 hours

Total Cost: $90

A community of over 5,000 lawyers built around project work


It's free to join! You pay
upfront for your project
which is held in "escrow"
until the project completes.


Browse proposals from project lawyers interested in your project


Negotiate the pay rate and terms for a project lawyer


You pay up front but the money isn't released to the Project Lawyer until your project is complete.

What kind of legal projects can be posted?

Unlike legal recruiters, EsquireX allows you to post any type of legal project you need help with:

General Research
Cease and Desist
General Research
Cease and Desist
Business/Corp Org
Habeas Corpus
Business/Corp Org
Habeas Corpus
Estate Planning
Due Diligence
Estate Planning
Due Diligence

Why DO Project Lawyers JOIN?

New Law Grads

Early Career Solo/Small Practice

Gig Economy Flex Schedules

Work at Home Parents

Part-time or Freelance Lawyers


Winding Down Mature Careers

Lawyers Entering a New Field

Reasons to post a project

EsquireX improves on the services of traditional legal recruiters in that we help you quickly hire qualified talent based on the specific needs of your practice. Our website platform provides an efficient way to communicate and work with project lawyers, offering an unmatched level of flexibility for temporary legal staffing that does not exist elsewhere in the industry.

High Growth Time

Expand incrementally as your practice grows without the risk of having to fill a new associate's plate

One-time/Special Projects

Find the perfect candidate with the right experience in a specific area of law or jurisdiction

Law Firm Recruitment

Working with project lawyers can be a great way to find future full-time associates for your law practice

Peak/ Seasonal Needs

Easily grow or shrink your team with elasticity that has never existed in the profession

Out of town or on vacation

Have someone take over as much or as little of your practice as you need

Of Counsel

Online, on-demand support when you need help picking up slack in your office or practice

Simple, Transparent Pricing

EsquireX has the most upfront, transparent pricing available today. We do not set prices for legal projects: you will negotiate the hourly or flat rate directly with the lawyer you hire. Hiring attorneys are charged 15% of the total cost of the project plus a 3% transaction fee to post your project. And unlike other legal recruiters, you won’t be inundated with hidden fees or pricing.

No Hidden Fees

No Commitments

No Long-Term Contracts

No Membership Fees

Post Your Project ->


to join

You Pay Only 15% of the Project Total.

a 3% fee is added from our payment processor per transaction.

This fee covers:

- Receiving unlimited proposals from Project Lawyers interested in your project for as long as the project remains posted without using legal recruiters

- Dedicated customer support

- Project Lawyer identity, license, and good standing verifications performed regularly

- Ensures the Project Lawyer receives 100% of what they’re owed

- Options to pay by any preferred method including through our system with Stripe Payment Processor.

The EsquireX Advantage

Achieve your goals

Start getting help on a project basis, and free up time so you can focus on reaching your career or practice goals without legal recruiters

Control and Flexibility

Posting legal projects gives your practice the control and flexibility of temporary law firm hiring, without the additional hassle, risk, and expense of legal recruiters

Local or Remote Help

Available in all 50 states, you can find help locally or in any jurisdiction across the US. Work with Project Lawyers in your office or online

Simple to Use

EsquireX makes hiring a Project Lawyer pain-free. Manage your proposals, messages, invoices, and even payments all within the same platform without any legal recruiters

What other lawyers say about legal projects through Lawyer Exchange - Now EsquireX

One of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. 5 Stars all the way. VERY good writer and professional.

Hiring Lawyer

Erin was proactive, attentive to feedback and interested in delivering a solid work-product. I'll continue relying on her for work.

Hiring Lawyer

Ashlee produced high quality work in a quick turnaround time within the allotted time and is a pleasure to work with!

Hiring Lawyer

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Gillespie, and I hope to do so again. His writing is clear and persuasive. He delivered excellent work on a tight time frame.

Hiring Lawyer

EsquireX creates new pathways for experienced lawyers and their practices

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Say goodbye to unnecessary employee overhead and expensive legal recruiters. Whether you’re looking for help for a one-time project or for ongoing work, EsquireX has a solution for you. Even the best legal recruiters can't help you grow your practice quickly and within your budget like EsquireX can. You can now feel confident taking on overflow or multi-jurisdictional work knowing you have the resources to access high-quality project lawyers who are ready and eager to assist you — even at a moment’s notice. When you post a project on the EsquireX, you’ll receive proposals from qualified lawyers who you can trust to get the job done right. This is the legal recruiters alternative you've been looking for.

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You’ll be able to cut overhead expenses you’d otherwise spend on an employee or because you won’t have to spend valuable time finding work for an associate during non-peak times just for the purpose of hourly billing requirements. Plus, project lawyer billing can be done at a competitive hourly rate and often still remain well below your own rate as an experienced lawyer. This will allow you to offer your services a lower rate to your clients for work that can be done by project lawyers, while being able to conveniently supervise the work being completed for you. It’s a win/win situation for the legal profession and legal staffing.

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