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Lawyers across the country use EsquireX to find attorney jobs online, gain experience, and build their professional network.

Pay no fees to join, search attorney jobs, or work on short-term legal projects online.

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Creating Work Opportunities for Lawyers

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EsquireX brings the gig economy to law by connecting lawyers looking for attorney jobs with law practices that need help on a project basis. Law firms post attorney job requirements for short-term legal projects that you can complete online. Now you can find associate level work close to your city or from anywhere across the United States. Watch the video here.

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For New Lawyers or Recent Law School Grads

If you’re a recent law grad or new lawyer looking for attorney jobs online, you can now quickly and easily browse and work on legal projects from anywhere online.

Gain real-life experience while waiting to take the bar
Work on legal projects during your job search for a full-time position
Kick-start your solo practice with legal project work
Gain experience and mentorship from seasoned attorneys
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For Experienced Attorneys

You don’t need to be a new or young lawyer to join EsquireX for attorney jobs! Lawyers of all expertise levels are utilizing legal project work for several reasons:

Those hanging their own shingle
Lawyers re-entering the profession
Lawyers who have left big law positions
Those looking for more flexibility in their careers
Those looking to gain experience in different areas of law

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Similar services for attorney jobs take close to 30% from the project total before you receive payment—with EsquireX, you'll have the most fair and transparent pricing offered today: zero fees to join and browse.
*A  3% transaction fee may apply from the payment processor

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Join for free and start submitting proposals for attorney jobs in minutes. Upload your resume and examples of your legal work directly to your personal profile

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We give you the power to negotiate your own pay rates for projects either hourly or flat fee! Communicate directly with Hiring Lawyers to get a fair price for the work you'll complete

Receive 100% of your invoice

You work hard, so why should we take a piece of your fee? We charge Hiring Lawyers our service fee, so you'll receive the full amount of your invoice with only a 3% transaction fee from our payment processor. No hidden fees, extra charges, or commitments

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What other lawyers looking for work say about legal projects through Lawyer Exchange - Now EsquireX

Richard was great to work with... he provided sufficient detail for the project to be completed as expected quickly and paid the invoice promptly.
Jeffrey M.

Project Lawyer

Working with Ms. Sands was an excellent experience. She provides clear expectations for the project and outlines the needs for her client. A thorough amount of information is provided from Ms. Sands, making it easy to accomplish the requirements of the posting.
Richard G.

Project Lawyer

It was a pleasure working with Simon and his team. He is a top-notch attorney, and I hope I have the chance to work with him again in the future. Five stars!
Stan D.

Project Lawyer

Brandon is a pleasure to work with. He provides examples, constructive feedback on revisions and is always available for questions.
Erin P.

Project Lawyer

EsquireX empowers the next generation of lawyers

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Find work, gain experience, get PAID. Not only will you find work that actually interests you; it’ll also help you advance in your career and beef up your resume. You’ll be able to acquire the experience you NEED while working on meaningful and challenging project lawyer jobs that you WANT. The best part is that you’ll have more law job opportunities in 6 months than most new lawyers would in a year.

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Communicate and negotiate directly with hiring lawyers about all facets of their projects, such as compensation, hours, work location, etc. YOU get to choose your own rate without being controlled by temp agencies and staffing companies. Would you rather work on projects of your choice or go the more traditional route, working on document review jobs for attorneys that most law school graduates find themselves unwillingly doing? Forget being at the mercy of staffing firms for attorney jobs. Your future is now in YOUR hands, where it should be.

Lawyer Mentorship and Experience


Gain immediate access to a community of experienced lawyers who were once in your shoes. Project lawyers work directly with hiring lawyers to benefit from their experience, take advantage of their knowledge, and learn from their guidance. This valuable mentorship from various seasoned lawyers will help you develop your network within the legal community, which could lead to a full-time lawyer employment opportunity or even succession and partnership.

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Flexible compensation options

Get paid hourly or with fixed-rate pricing for legal jobs for lawyers

Simple to use

Our website makes it easy to work on legal projects and does not require any special software

Work anywhere

From New York to California, you’ll find remote and on-site work, with projects requiring either in-state or out-of-state expertise

Only 15% Transaction Fee

You pay only 3% of your total invoice as a transaction fee. The hiring attorney pays 15% of the total project.

Limitless Projects

We don’t restrict the type of work or areas of law for the legal projects posted to our platform

Built-in tools

Built-in resources include messaging, lawyer job posting alerts, rate negotiations, invoicing, and final payments


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