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Founding Memberships still available: [-]

Founding Memberships still available:

Freelancing Fast-track

Founding Members get an unfair head start in their legal freelancing career as we actively promote and advertise them to hiring attorneys and law firms. Our team works hard to facilitate project work opportunities for our Founding Members every day.

Exclusive Credibility

On EsquireX only 250 attorneys for hire will ever have a Founding Member emblem next to their name. Founding Members will be sought after by hiring attorneys and will command higher fees due to their higher status and exclusivity.

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To get verified and gain access to the best project work on the EsquireX platform, attorneys for hire can choose to get verified for $595. We waive this fee for our 250 Founding Members.

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Founding Membership is NOT for everyone

We put a lot of trust and resources into helping our Founding Members succeed. In return, we expect them to be reliable and experienced attorneys who are motivated to do good work. Please don’t apply if you’re not ready to take on project work and deliver.

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Exclusive Credibility

Freelancing Fast-track

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seats available

You Pay $595 $0 to Join.

for the first 250 members.

Why join EsquireX

Income on your terms
Find project work and make extra cash in addition to your 9-5 law career or downscale and work part-time to accommodate your lifestyle.
Control your schedule
Become your own boss without starting your own practice - choose how you work, when you work and for whom you work.
Career freedom
Leverage your expertise to land lucrative projects or try something new and gain experience in other areas of law.

How To Become a Founding Member on EsquireX


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Sign up for a free account and login.


Complete your profile. Fill out your profile with all required informaton.

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Select "Founding Member" from the menu bar and fill in your credentials.


Submit the required information and we'll do all the verification on our end.

Why Join EsquireX?

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Helping law practices succeed

Running a successful law practice can be challenging. Hiring additional help or using legal recruiters can be time consuming, costly, and risky. By posting legal projects instead of hiring temp staffing or full-time help, you can avoid hiring risks and free up time for you to focus on what’s important to you and your law practice. Watch video here.

EsquireX creates new pathways for experienced lawyers and their practices

The EsquireX Advantage

Achieve your goals

Start getting help on a project basis, and free up time so you can focus on reaching your career or practice goals without legal recruiters

Control and Flexibility

Posting legal projects gives your practice the control and flexibility of temporary law firm hiring, without the additional hassle, risk, and expense of legal recruiters

Local or Remote Help

Available in all 50 states, you can find help locally or in any jurisdiction across the US. Work with Project Lawyers in your office or online

EsquireX makes hiring a Project Lawyer pain-free. Manage your proposals, messages, invoices, and even payments all within the same platform without any legal recruiters

Simple to Use

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