June 2018

4 Benefits of Using Lawyer Exchange for Law Firms

Project based legal work is a new concept for many lawyers and most are still unsure how exactly this new process can help their practice. Lawyer Exchange is one of the leaders in on-demand project-based legal work, and lawyers using Lawyer Exchange to find the help they need are finding a range of benefits. We want to outline the four most commonly discussed benefits among lawyers who use Lawyer Exchange – the same benefits we believe will give your law practice the greatest value.

Scale your workforce

First, you’ll have the ability to scale your workforce. By being able to post a legal project online and connecting with lawyers who are eager to work, you can add as much or as little help as you need daily, weekly or monthly. Depending on your needs you can grow and contract easily, getting as much help as you need when you need it without having to worry about keeping anyone busy during the quieter periods.

Access help with little risk

The second benefit is that you can access the help you need at very little risk. Again, you are hiring on a project basis at greatly reduced risk of cost and time…only hundreds of dollars not thousands or even more!

Pass the cost to your client

Third, you can pass this cost on to your client, just like any other cost you incur on their behalf. In some situations, you may even be able to charge a higher rate to your client than you will pay your project lawyer in the same way an associate would be billed out at a large law firm - of course while being consistent with local rules.

Efficient networking

And finally, by working directly with project lawyers - seeing how they work, write, research and respond - you are networking in the most efficient way possible to find your future part-time or full-time associate, potential future partner, or even successor.

These are just some of the benefits available to your law firm through Lawyer Exchange… you may even find more!


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