December 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Online Legal Staffing EsquireX Acquires Lawyer Exchange

Dover DE – 12/13/2022 – EsquireX announced today that ithas acquired Lawyer Exchange to combine two of the leading online legal staffingnames in the industry.

In 2017, Lawyer Exchange launched its on-demand online platform that connects law firms with lawyers who are available for project work. Over the past five years Lawyer Exchange has attracted thousands ofattorneys who have reaped the benefits of being on one of the largest freelancelegal marketplaces in the United States.

Lawyer Exchange CEO, Bob Meltzer, sees this as a great opportunity for current members: “We are excited to merge into such afast-growing, robust and easy to use platform! The team at EsquireX has thecapability and vision to scale the largest marketplace in the legal project and workspace and we are thrilled to be a part of that growth. They have built themost useful and easiest access to legal work and freelancers available.”

EsquireX CEO, Stephen Geday, is delighted to welcomeE squireX's attorneys. “All members of EsquireX will benefit from all the features they currently enjoy, as well as high level feature upgrades and a fresher, larger community found on EsquireX. Whether it’s to grow their practice or cultivate their careers, EsquireX is the place to do it.” He expanded on EsquireX’s mission: “To facilitate lawyers’ zealous representation of their clients while preserving an enriching and lucrative lifestyle for all legal professionals.”

The acquisition comes at a time when the legal staffing landscape is rapidly shifting. As law firms look for ways to trim down excess overhead while optimizing output, and lawyers seek greater flexibility and ownership of their careers. The freelancer model has emerged as a viable way of doing business. EsquireX serves as a cutting-edge digital marketplace for lawyers to connect with and outsource changing work demands to other legal professionals.

About EsquireX

Launched earlier this year, EsquireX has quickly emerged as the fastest-growing legal freelancer marketplace in the UnitedStates.  The first generation of the company’s platform has introduced many useful and innovative features to make the emerging legal freelancer space beneficial for all those looking for flexible legal work.

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