May 2019

How the Lawyer Exchange and Esquirex platform is improving the eDiscovery process

eDiscovery can be a complex, time consuming and often expensive process to go through. Whether your firm or legal department is reviewing documents for litigation, an investigation, or for another legal matter, it’s imperative that the discovery project be done on budget, on time, and to the highest quality. Meeting these stringent demands presents litigation support managers running review projects for legal firms or departments with several perplexing issues.

The methods of collection and processing in discovery are challenging on their own, but once the review stage occurs, litigation support staff are faced with an entirely new set of problems to overcome. How do you quickly find a large group of quality attorneys for review? Is there a way to bypass expensive legal staffing agencies or legal recruiters that charge expensive fees? What if there was a way to quickly and easily find, communicate, and pay a team of remote lawyers foreDiscovery projects?

Luckily, there is now a solution available to help solve these complicated issues. EsquireX is a freelance lawyer marketplace that connects law firms and legal departments with attorneys looking for work. While the platform is utilized for general legal projects, many larger organizations are now taking advantage of it for eDiscovery team projects. Here are three of the most common reasons law firms and legal departments are utilizing the large community of attorneys on EsquireX for their eDiscovery team building needs.

Direct access to thousands of on-demand lawyers

Building a large team of quality document review attorneys is a daunting task. Litigation project managers must either develop their own team in-house, use traditional temp firms or rely on the teams provided bythird party litigation support service firms. All these options are costly and carry their own risks. There hasn’t been any other way to access a large pool of attorneys ready to work. But what if you could tap into a nationwide network of remote lawyers standing by ready to work for you? With EsquireX, now youcan. 

Having this competitive edge is what drives most to utilizing a freelance lawyer marketplace for eDiscovery projects.The process for building your team is simple: join EsquireX for free and post your discovery project needs within minutes. Soon you’ll receive proposals from qualified lawyers located across the US who are ready to get started. You will be able to communicate with the lawyers and even pay them directly through the system. This gives you the ability to expand or contrast your team at any time with just the click of a button. In addition to posting projects to connect with reviewers you will also be able to post projects seeking to connect with review managers and specialists to round out your team. And with our Relativity integration this can all be performed directly in your current Relativity dashboard, making the process faster and easier than ever.

More efficient process and pricing

The default solution for finding and hiring temporary help for discovery projects has been temporary legal staffing agencies. These temp agencies work by charging your firm or department a high hourly fee which covers the cost of their services and the attorney’s compensation. Many times, these fees are exorbitant. Law firms or corporate counsel can be charged more than $60/hour per review attorney hour by the staffing firm and it’s common for those review attorneys to receive only1/3 or even less of that fee. That translates to 200% + markup! Another way to look at it is that you are paying $60 per hour and receiving the work of someone who is incented to $20 per hour!

These services also come with several other setbacks including long wait times, increased financial risk, and loss of control over the hiring process. By gaining the ability to find, hire and pay the attorneys directly, you skip the “middleman” expenses which can cut your effective fee by over 75%! That’s because the EsquireX platform only charges a15% fee once the work is completed, with no monthly or membership fees.

Higher quality attorneys for less

It’s easy to see how traditional temp agencies serve as expensive “middlemen” for eDiscovery teams, but how does that translate into quality? As previously stated, by paying such a large mark up on hourly fees you’re essentially paying top dollar for low wage-earning attorneys. By avoiding these markups, you’ll be able to afford to pay quality lawyers higher hourly wages while still significantly reducing your over all cost.

Another advantage to tapping into a freelance lawyer marketplace is that you won’t be restricted by things like location or lack of experience. With EsquireX you can build an entire team of review attorneys virtually, meaning you can find quality lawyers no matter where you are in the US. You’ll find that this nationwide attorney network also has a diverse set of legal subject matter expertise and a large range of experience/years in practice. No matter how specific your needs are, you’ll be sure to find a group of lawyers who meet or exceed your criteria.

Final thoughts

EsquireX offers law firms and corporate counsel an unmatched level of efficiency, cost reduction, and quality talent when it comes to building a large team for eDiscovery projects. The process of finding and building a team traditionally is costly, time consuming and risky. With the EsquireX platform, this team building process can now be performed at a small fraction of the cost, with higher levels of quality, and the team can be built within days, not weeks or even months.


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