April 2019

Lawyer Exchange membership grows to over 2,000 lawyers and law practices

The legal project work marketplace’s 2,000 members now span all 50 states and US territories

EsquireX, the legal project marketplace for lawyers and law practices, announced today that membership on the platform recently surpassed 2,000 attorneys and law firms, making it one of the largest legal project work networks in the US serving small and solo practices.

Launched recently, EsquireX now has attorney members in all 50 states and US territories. This comprises a large and diverse group of quality freelance lawyers who are looking to work on legal projects for law firms. These lawyers range from new law school grads to seasoned professionals with over 50 years of experience. This group looking for attorney jobs also features a large variety of practice area expertise and focus.

"We are very excited that the legal profession continues to increasingly find EsquireX a great solution in addressing the needs of today's law firm growth challenges while also offering meaningful legal projects to lawyers looking for work and experience, thereby creating work opportunities for everyone!" says Bob Meltzer, CEO of Lawyer Exchange.

By utilizing EsquireX for hiring on a project basis, small and solo law practices now have flexibility and efficiency that was once only available to big law firms. These practices can now find help when they need it without having to hire a full-time associate, look for lawyer recruitment agencies, or use a legal temp agency.

This is part of a growing trend in the legal industry to help small and solo law practices operate more efficiently and with less expense. Clio’s Legal Trends Report for 2018 states that 77% of law firms want to hire more staff, yet 58% want to reduce spending. EsquireX believes that a small or solo law firm hiring on a project basis can achieve both. The platform's fast growth is a sign that lawyers running small or solo practices are beginning to shift and are now seeing the unique advantages of project-based hiring. 

Recent & Upcoming Platform Updates:

As our membership number continues to grow, we are focused on improving the platform and adding more features. Here are a few highlights on what we've been working on:

· Hiring Lawyers ability to select more than one Project Lawyer to work with (coming soon)

· Added options allowing JDs and recent law grads to find work while awaiting their bar exam

· Streamlined payment process for faster and easier Project Lawyer payments

· Improved project wizard, comprising a broad range of areas of law and types of work

· A lot more to come!

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